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This website enables you to prepare for the Theory Test by providing access to the following features all with professional voice over:

Practice and study learning programmes

  • 3 Practice and study learning programmes each incorporating the full DVSA revision data bank of Theory Test multiple choice practice questions and explanations
  • Plus 14 Case Studies one for each of the DVSA test categories (28 Case Studies in total)

Theory Tests - Multiple Choice

  • 14 Theory Tests using the DVSA practice questions designed to be used as either an additional learning programme or as a final testing mechanism
  • Plus Unlimited randomly generated Theory Tests

Hazard Perception Tests

  • 2 Hazard Perception Tests incorporating 26 DVSA hazard perception practice clips and 2 from LDC (i.e. 28 hazard video practice clips)
  • Plus 10 further Hazard Perception Tests (i.e. 140 hazard video clips) from driver training experts LDC

Full Highway Code

Learning Program

Practice and Study

3 Practice and study learning programmes
The only product to allow you to go through the DVSA revision data bank of 960 Theory Test multiple choice practice questions for car drivers in one of three different ways to best suit your needs.

Highway Code sequence - each DVSA practice question is presented to you in the same order as you would find the answer in the Highway Code. This enables you see which question(s) relate to which rule, sign, signal, road marking or annex note in the same sequence as they appear in the Highway Code. Before answering each question you can study the relevant advice in the Highway Code as you go along or read a full section of the Highway Code before answering all the revision questions related to it - the choice is yours.

Learning Program QuestionThis programme is ideal if you would like to learn the Highway Code as you test yourself on each of the questions in the DVSA revision data bank of Theory Test practice questions. This is the only product on the market designed to work with the Highway Code in this way.

DVSA Theory Category sequence - each question is presented to you by DVSA category to tie in with the DVSA category study notes and the way the results will be given to you on the test.

Driving Lesson sequence - each question is presented to you in the order in which they would be most useful to you as preparation for your first 10 practical driving lessons. In this way the theory preparation can help with the process of learning to drive.

14 Case Studies
The Case Study section provides 14 Case Studies each with 5 questions. There is a Case Study for each of the 14 different DVSA test categories. When added to the Case Studies in the 14 Theory Tests this provides a total of 28 unique Case Studies in all.

Theory Test Review

Theory Tests (Multiple choice)

14 Theory Tests with full test review
14 multiple choice Theory Tests using DVSA practice questions, answers and explanations. Each test also includes a case study unique to that test. Each case study is different to the 14 Case Studies in the Practice and Study section.

The 14 tests have also been specially configured so that they can be used as a learning programme - for those in a real hurry who want to undertake the minimum amount of preparation but still ensure test success. These 14 tests cover the key practice questions designed to cover every aspect of the theory that you need to know and understand. Therefore if you don't have time to complete the practice and study you can simply undertake these 14 tests.

Unlimited random Theory Tests
Unlimited randomly generated properly balanced multiple choice tests using the DVSA practice questions, answers and explanations to give you the added comfort of knowing you are more than ready. Basically ensuring nothing is left to chance.

Hazard Perception

2 Hazard Perception Tests incorporating 26 DVSA practice clips
2 Hazard Perception Tests incorporating 26 DVSA hazard perception practice clips. The first test uses the original real life format DVSA practice hazard clips (currently used) and the second test also includes ten CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) hazard clips to help you get ready for the hazard perception tests of the future. The CGI clips are designed to look as close to real life as possible so don't be surprised if you can not spot the difference. In every other aspect the new test will be the same as the current test. Indeed, the CGI clips when introduced will simply be computer generated versions of the current real life clips used on the test.

Hazard Perception Test

10 Additional Hazard Perception Tests (140 video clips)
Ten highly realistic additional Hazard Perception Test simulations to help you fully prepare for the hazard perception part of the Theory Test provided by driver training experts LDC. Each test contains 14 hazard clips to try out and review your score giving you an extra 140 hazard clips to practice with (i.e. 168 in total). No other online product offers you so many hazard clips of this quality.

Full Highway Code

Learn the Highway Code as you prepare for your Theory Test and to help you learn to drive. Contains all the latest information.

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Chrome 3
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Opera 10

Mobile device support

The majority of smart phones and tablets can run the multiple choice test preparation features. However, to run the Hazard Perception Test features online you need one of the following devices:

Android 3.1 phone or tablet
iOS 8 tablet
Windows 8 phone or tablet

As an alternative you can run the Hazard Perception features of the website locally on your mobile device using LDC's Hazard Perception Test app.

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